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All books are available in paperback and as ebooks on Amazon. You can also find the paperback editions on Barnes & Noble and and in select bookstores. 

Finding Gemma Lovegood

For fans of Jenny Colgan, Emily Henry, Abby Jimenez, and feel-good romance. 


Assistant editor Hope Halladay has less than a month to find bestselling romance novelist Gemma Lovegood, who's gone MIA, and get her latest manuscript. But to do so, she must fly to Southwest England and do battle with Gemma's prickly agent, Oscar Tennant, who doesn't want to tell Hope where Gemma is. 

It's a battle of wills, with Hope determined to win. But the longer she stays in England and learns about Oscar and Gemma, her feelings change. And soon she must make an important decision that could change everything. 

Tinder Fella: A Novel

A feel-good tale of friendship and love that will have you swiping right…

Shy twenty-something aspiring writer Allen Whitford was not a fan of dating apps. But when his boss at Hipster Magazine insists that Allen be the one to write a piece on how to find your soulmate online in just eight weeks, Allen is unable to refuse.

Now he must become every twenty-something woman in New York’s Prince Charming—and find a date for the Hipster New Year’s Eve Bash—while keeping the article a secret, not even telling his two best friends, Eric and Molly.

A modern-day Cinderella story with a twist, Tinder Fella will have you believing that sometimes fairy tales do come true.

Something's Cooking in Chianti

Food's not all that's cooking in Chianti in this delicious new mystery by author Jennifer L. Schiff!


Reporter Guinivere Jones was in a rut, professionally and personally, when her colleague and friend Glen Anderson suggested she accompany him to Italy to attend a weeklong cooking course in Chianti. It was a dream assignment. Until murder appeared on the menu.


While the Italian police are supposedly on the case, Guin takes it upon herself to investigate. Along the way, she uncovers buried secrets, finds a little romance, and learns how to make a killer torta della nonna.


For fans of cozy mysteries, Italy, food and wine, and romance.

Framed in Naples:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #10
A Perilous Proposal:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #7
Jennifer_ Schiff_Bye_Bye_Birdy_Final_eBo
Bye Bye Birdy:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #4
The Crisis Before Christmas:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #9
For Whom the Shell Tolls:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #8
Trouble in Paradise:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #6
Shell Shocked:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #5
In the Market for Murder:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #3
Jennifer_L_Schiff_Something_Fishy_ eBook
Something Fishy:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #2
A Shell of a Problem:
A Sanibel Island Mystery #1
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